How Supplements Can Increase Your Lung Health

Breathing problem solution needs an Ayurvedic medicine


With the increasing air pollution day by day, it’s becoming important to take care of our soft and spongy lungs or else, your lungs may become stiff and black like the ads which you see in theatres. Sorry, I was just kidding. But still, your lungs need some attention. According to WHO’s study, asthma has affected an estimated 262 million in 2019 and is still growing.

You might have known the saying “ Prevention is better than cure”.

Since our lungs are very sensitive, if we take the right action before the enemies (like dust, or pollution) attack us, we can live with a long and easy breath.

But how?


Take a proper nutrition diet with good minerals and nutrients. This may be a little difficult in this fast-moving world. In the old days, our ancestors dedicated good time to using all kinds of herbs with a proper diet to maintain a healthy life. Still, there is a solution- Herbal supplements.

Yes, herbal supplements are made from natural herbals with the right proportion to healthify our bodies.

Healthy lungs require rejuvenating ayurvedic medicine for breathing problems.

Now, let’s see how supplements work in the process of strengthening our lungs.

Improves lung function


Improves lung function


Lack of vitamin D results in poor functioning of the lungs. Supplements enrich vitamin D which improves lung function. Also, helps in protecting the lungs from severe COPD issues.

Reduces the shortness of breath


Reduces breathe shortness


Shortness of breath is another common problem in weak lungs. Supplements enrich vitamin Cs, which  has a link to reducing shortness of breath because of its antioxidants and provides a smooth and easy breath

 Prevents COPD


Prevents copd


Since supplements enrich your lungs with good minerals and nutrition, it safeguards and acts as a good protector for your lungs and thereby help in preventing COPD.

 Reduces inflammation


Reduced Inflammation on the lungs


Pathogens or pollutant exposure in the lung tissues causes inflammation which gives a sense of pain and trouble breathing properly. Supplements calm down the inflammation and give a clear pathway for the passage of air to breathe easy. This makes you free from wheezing.

 Frees lung congestion


The mucus in the lungs gets solidified and gets congested on the respiratory pathways. Supplements help in thinning the mucus by making it lighter. So, your lungs get the amount of oxygen to breathe with ease.

 Strengthen the lungs




Lungs need to be expandable to take in air and release it out. Supplements strengthen the alveoli for absorbing more air. In this way, the lungs get the capacity to absorb more oxygen which helps you to breathe very well.

 Smoothing irritation of the throat


The throat is the gateway to the lungs. So, it needs to be smooth and clear to pass air into the lungs. Respiratory problems start with the throat. Supplements give a soothing effect on the throat and clear out the irritations away.

 Bonus point


Yes, supplements do play a good role in diabetic management. Along with it having a healthy nutritious diet and good cardiovascular exercise boosts your lung capacity to many levels.

Studies have shown that having good mental peace has shown to reduces stress and improves lung functioning

Also getting clinical advice before consuming anything is advised.


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